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At Pump.Aptoslaunch, we’re dedicated to providing the best platform to discover and launch the next big token. Here’s why is the go-to place for your crypto ventures

Fair & Safe
🤞No Pre-Sale, No Insiders, Fixed 1B Supply

Pump.Aptoslaunch ensures a level playing field for all participants. With no pre-sale and no insider advantage, the token supply is fixed at 1 billion, promoting fairness from the start.

🕵️‍♂️Fully Audited and UnruggableFully Audited and Unruggable

Security is our top priority. Our platform undergoes thorough audits to ensure it’s unruggable, giving you peace of mind.

🛡️Buy and Sell at Any Time

Enjoy the flexibility to trade your tokens whenever you want, with no restrictions.

🧙‍♂️Ownership Renounced

We’ve renounced ownership, ensuring full decentralization and community control.

When Launch

Market Cap Milestone set to 500 SOL (~64K USDT)

Once the market cap reaches 500 SOL (~64K USDT), all remaining tokens and liquidity will migrate to Raydium, positioning us for significant growth.

Deflationary Boost

To enhance value, 150 million to 200 million tokens will be burned, creating a deflationary effect.

Liquidity Locked

All liquidity is securely locked by burning the LP token, ensuring stability and trust.

Enhanced Token Information

Our platform provides free enhanced token info, giving tokens the best chance to trend on DEX screener!

Lowest Fee in history

0.8% Trading Fee: Our platform charges a minimal trading fee, broken down as follows:
  • 0.5% Reimbursed to Project Owners: When a token gets listed on Raydium, 0.5% of the trading fee is reimbursed back to the project owner, encouraging them to reward their communities.
  • 0.2% Airdropped to Top Traders: To incentivize active trading, 0.2% of the fee will be airdropped to the top traders on PumpLaunch.
  • 0.1% Platform Charge: The remaining 0.1% is retained as a platform charge to support our operations and continuous improvement.

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